Just got into town ? Feeling the altitude ? Want the kids to keep up? Try one of our E-bikes! These pedal assist bikes duplicate the power you put into the pedals, making every ride a breeze. 

How do they work ? 

Electric bikes pedal and handle just like a regular bicycle. Most electric bicycles will use the same parts as regular bikes and we have E-bikes for all size humans! The electric component is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. It makes obstacles like hills and headwind more manageable and allows you to travel further without getting as tired. The motor provides extra power every pedal stroke, powering you along the trail with minimal effort.

Urban E-Bikes

IMG_2458 (2).JPG

If staying on the paved trails and roads is more your thing, then one of the bikes from the Specialized or Bulls urban range is the bike for you. Riding one of these E-bikes gives you the possibility to ride to some great local attractions from our shop location. Maybe a ride to The Maroon Bells, The Ghost town of Ashcroft or just a cruise down the Rio Grande Trail for lunch. 


Mountain E-Bikes


If you're looking to explore offroad trails or maybe climb summer road to the top of Aspen mountain then one of the bikes from our E-Mountain Range is the bike for you. The 2019 Turbo Levo FSR Comp 29 has the perfect blend of trail performance, proper handling, technology, and durability, delivering you the power to ride further with ease.


Kids E-Bike


You watched them get their training wheels and were there when they finally took them off.  Now they want to ride with mom and dad. Now they can. Introducing the new Twenty4 E, a fully capable, hardtail eMTB for the younger rider. With an introductory 80mm front fork travel, and ample 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, and ePowered by Bosch’s Active Plus Line, you can rest assured that your youngster won’t get into too much trouble while they're learning the hills.